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To avoid any doubts we confirm that our Freight routes are fully operational and will continue until any further notice:

  • Calais – Dover – all traffic
  • Zeebrugge – Tilbury – unaccompanied traffic only plus maximum of 6 SDVs (driver accompanied units) per sailing
  • Zeebrugge – Hull – unaccompanied traffic plus maximum of 6 SDVs (driver accompanied units) per sailing
  • Zeebrugge – Teesport – unaccompanied traffic only plus maximum of 9 SDVs (driver accompanied units) per sailing
  • Europoort – Hull – single cabin occupancy offer to all freight drivers
  • Europoort – Teesport – unaccompanied traffic only
  • Liverpool – Dublin – all traffic and freight drivers are offered single cabin occupancy
  • Larne – Cairnryan – all traffic

The most up-to-date sailing schedules are available here.

Our Freight Booking Office staff are fully operational and ready to take your bookings and clarify any operational questions for you.

Please note if you or your freight driver are entering France, the following two certificates must be carried:



For further details on COVID-19 European traffic restrictions, click here.

Useful links

UK: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-specified-countries-and-areas/covid-19-specified-countries-and-areas-with-implications-for-returning-travellers-or-visitors-arriving-in-the-uk

UK: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice

UK: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/temporary-relaxation-of-the-enforcement-of-eu-drivers-hours-rules/temporary-relaxation-of-the-enforcement-of-the-drivers-hours-rules-delivery-of-essential-items-to-retailers

IE: https://www.gov.ie/en/news/7e0924-latest-updates-on-covid-19-coronavirus/#march-16-supply-chain-workers-guidance

NL: https://www.rivm.nl/coronavirus/covid-19/vragen-antwoorden

FR: https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus

DE: https://www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/coronavirus.html

DK: https://www.sst.dk/da/Viden/Smitsomme-sygdomme/Smitsomme-sygdomme-A-AA/Coronavirus/Spoergsmaal-og-svar

NO: https://www.regjeringen.no/no/tema/utenrikssaker/reiseinformasjon/korona_info/id2691821/

LT: http://sam.lrv.lt/koronavirusas

SE: https://www.krisinformation.se/detta-kan-handa/handelser-och-storningar/20192/myndigheterna-om-det-nya-coronaviruset

EE: https://www.terviseamet.ee/et/uuskoroonaviirus

IE: https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/472f64-covid-19-coronavirus-guidance-and-advice/

BE: https://www.info-coronavirus.be/nl/faqs/

FI: https://thl.fi/en/web/infectious-diseases/what-s-new/coronavirus-covid-19-latest-updates

IT: http://www.salute.gov.it/portale/nuovocoronavirus/dettaglioFaqNuovoCoronavirus.jsp?lingua=italiano&id=228

WHO: https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses

IRU: https://www.iru.org/resources/tools-apps/flash-info

For updates on truck queues on European borders visit: https://covid-19.sixfold.com/

Face mask requirements

With the gradual easing of some lock down measures in several countries, wearing a facial covering is a growing practice in many public places.  This is also becoming more widely recommended by governments, and could soon become the norm.

In line with recent advice, it is now a requirement that all passengers/drivers, on all routes between the UK & EU wear a facial covering when travelling through the port of Calais and on our ships unless eating or drinking.

When travelling through the port of Calais (or on public transport in France), due to French medical association requirements, the wearing of facemasks is now compulsory for all passengers.

We have found that many of our customers already have their own face covering/mask, and we ask you to bring one with you when travelling with us. We do appreciate that it may currently be difficult to buy a mask, and therefore until everyone is able to equip themselves, a complimentary facial covering can be provided on request on board our ships. This however subject to availability, so we do recommend you bring your own where possible.

**This does not apply to passengers travelling between Larne and Cairnryan**

People arriving to Ireland from overseas are required to restrict their movements on arrival for 14 days. This condition applies to everyone, regardless of which country you have travelled from or your country of citizenship. The only exceptions are if you:

  • enter Ireland from Northern Ireland
  • are an essential supply chain worker, for example, a pilot, seafarer or a haulier.

Guidance on how to restrict your movements is available from the Irish health service

People living in Ireland are staying at home in all circumstances, unless they work in an essential service, need to buy food or medicine, need to attend a medical appointment, need to care for a family member or are taking brief exercise within 2km of their home. 

Hotels and other accommodation services are closed to new guests. Non-essential shops, as well as theatres, restaurants, bars and public amenities are closed.

Update from our CEO

Janette Bell, CEO P&O Ferries, said:
“Our trucks, trains and ships are a vital part of Europe’s transport infrastructure. We sail 27,000 times a year between Britain, Ireland and Europe, carrying 2.3m pieces of freight. That’s 44,230 pieces of freight a week, an awful lot of fresh water, fruit, vegetables, medicines and vital supplies.”

“Notwithstanding the current uncertainty, we are confident that our services will keep running. We’re doing everything we can to minimise the risks by intensifying cleaning protocols on board, switching from air conditioning to 100% fresh air and working closely with Public Health England and maritime experts at the World Health Organisation (WHO) to follow best practice on COVID-19.”

“Moreover, ships are divided into separate watches each with a day and night shift. Any crew member who is symptomatic can be isolated. For more than 180 years, P&O’s ships have been designed to keep going in the face of sickness and adversity. Working hand in glove with national governments, our services will continue to play their part in supporting the societies in which we live.”

Though Coronavirus (COVID-19) is new, P&O Ferries’ infectious disease management procedures are very well established, have a proven track record and comply with all UK and European legal standards. In addition to our routine control measures, we are working with health and transport agencies within the UK and Europe, to ensure your safety is given the utmost priority.

We are open for your freight business and we take care of your freight drivers. We have the capacity to meet any freight demand, and we offer your freight drivers great rest and recreation, hot showers, nice food and plenty of space to stretch their legs and have a relaxing break.

  • Fresh Air
    To prevent the spread of Coronavirus onboard we’ve changed the way we ventilate our ships and have switched from air conditioning to 100% fresh air.
  • Cleaning
    Hygiene is one of the most important safeguards against ill health. In addition to approved cleaning procedures, all of our sanitising and disinfecting chemicals meet European standards.
  • Laundry
    Fresh linens are one of life’s little luxuries, but being visibly clean is not enough! All of our linens, towels, uniforms and the like are washed by specialist laundry service providers, who guarantee that they are thoroughly disinfected.
  • Cabins
    Preventing the spread of ill health is as important as patient care. For this reason, we only use approved cabin cleaning procedures, by trained crew wearing sanitary ‘scrubs’, as worn by doctors and nurses. This means your cabin is not just clean, but hygienically disinfected. Also, on our overnight routes, we offer single occupancy cabins for our freight drivers, minimising close contact, which is an important disease prevention measure.
  • Hand Hygiene Stations
    Hand wash facilities are available in all public toilets, which are located around the ship, and in close proximity to restaurants, coffee shops and bars. For your convenience, we also offer, free to use ’hand hygiene stations’ at various locations around our ships. These ‘stations’ dispense a ‘hygiene gel’ that is proven to be effective against a broad range of bacteria and viruses.
  • Food
    All our food is provided by suppliers that have been subject to independent assessment to ensure they meet the highest hygiene and safety standards. In addition, all our food handling crew receive formal, independently accredited food safety training, as well as regular training updates and knowledge assessments. All P&O Ferries vessels are independently inspected by the UK and European food safety inspectors and all possess the maximum 5 stars under the UK food hygiene rating scheme.

Thank you for your continued trust in P&O Ferries, and we look forward to welcoming you on board.


Are you still sailing?

All our routes are still sailing as per schedule, please see our Twitter page for the latest sailing information.

Will P&O stop operating any routes?

We continue to run all routes and will keep you updated if anything changes.

I understand that borders are entering a ‘lock-down’ how is commercial transport being impacted?

EU Borders are closed for non-essential travel however the transport of goods has been classed as essential therefore commercial vehicles are permitted to travel.

What alternative routes can customers use?

We have an extensive route network to Europe and Ireland. Our routes are as follows:

  • Dover - Calais
  • Hull - Zeebrugge
  • Teesport - Zeebrugge
  • Tilbury - Zeebrugge
  • Hull - Europoort
  • Teesport - Europoort
  • Liverpool - Dublin
  • Larne - Cairnryan

What about Driver accompanied traffic on freight routes?

In order to protect and isolate our vessels’ crews from outside infection and thereby safeguard a long term operation, we have decided to only accept unaccompanied Freight on the following routes:

  • Europoort – Teesport
  • Zeebrugge – Tilbury
  • Zeebrugge – Teesport

What measures have you put in place to maintain the safety of drivers during crossing?

We take the safety of our customers and staff extremly seriously. Please see our Coronavirus page for a full list of all the additional safety measures that we have implemented.


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