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Take a look at our mostly commonly asked questions regarding setting up an account, booking and what you can carry as freight.

Do I have to have a P&O Ferries account to use the website or App?

No, you don’t need to have a P&O Ferries account to use the website or app, but you will need to register your details beforehand.


What are the benefits of having a P&O Ferries account?

Our account holders benefit from special rates across all of our routes. You will also have your own account manager who is on hand to answer any questions you have. We provide excellent customer service and have a range of driver services you and/or your staff can take advantage of. You can choose from a variety of booking and billing methods to make life easier.

How do I open an account?

If you intend to ship more than 20 times a year, please email us at, or call us on +44 (0)1304 863875

I do not have a ticket or account with you. Can I still ship?

Yes – whether you are a new customer, an infrequent customer, or just making a one-off shipment, we will happily get you there. Contact us or log on to to find out more about using our App or website for one-off bookings.

What information do I need to make a booking?

During the booking process we will guide you through the information required, but here are some of the basic questions:
What are the dimensions of the vehicle?
How many people will be travelling? You may book a maximum of 3 passengers on a freight crossing, using our app or website. Please contact us if you need to book more people.
Are there any dangerous goods involved?
Are you carrying live animals?

How far in advance do I need to book?

On our Dover – Calais vv. route we offer a turn-up-and-go service, so no booking is required. Simply pay for the crossing and you will receive a waybill number. This is a “prelodgement” which is valid for you to travel on for 14 days.
Check out our sailing schedule for sailing times! We sail up to 52 times between Dover and Calais daily, so just show up and board the next available ferry.

Do I receive confirmation of my booking?

When booking online, or using our app, you will receive a waybill number, and a payment confirmation email.

How many bookings can I make in one transaction?

Yes, we offer this facility on all our services. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How many bookings can I make in one transaction?

You can make a single crossing per transaction. You are not limited to the number of transactions you can complete in a day, but if you are shipping frequently you may qualify for an account contact us to find out more.

Can I track my bookings?

Yes, you can keep an eye on your upcoming bookings and view past bookings, and payments, on our website and on the app.

What payment methods are available?

The payment methods available are Credit or Debit card.

How do I make a booking?

It is really easy to make a booking:
1. Download our app or go to our website at
2. Register
3. Login to your account
4. Click on make a booking
5. Complete the booking process. Please note that you cannot book live animals or dangerous goods online, instead please contact the team
6. Review the quote and confirm if you would like to go ahead
7. Make your payment online and you will receive your payment confirmation and waybill reference number
8. Show up at the port within 14 days of making the payment and travel on the next available ferry

How do I amend a booking?

To amend a booking please contact us.

How do I cancel a booking?

To cancel a booking, please contact us.

How long before a sailing do I have to be there?

Minimum arrival times vary between services. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the sailing you wish to board on our Dover – Calais vv. service.

Are there lifting facilities available on my route?

No, you can only ship self drive vehicles on our Dover – Calais vv. service, unless you have an account with us.

Can you provide electrical connections for refrigerated units (plug-ins) on-board your vessels?

Yes. As per the MCA guidance (MGN 341 and MGN 545) we are no longer allowed to have running engines on deck due to the risk of fire. For clarification, a running fridge can only be carried as long as the refrigerator system is independent of the vehicle drive engine. Vehicle engines cannot be left running to operate the system, on board the vessel. If your vehicle has been equipped with an independent power supply for the fridge or heater, it is permitted to park the vehicle on the open deck area. All plug-in and open-deck requirements must be notified at the check-in and are subject to availability.

Do you provide drivers with meals?

Yes. Drivers are served food on all our services, at discounted prices.

Do you provide accommodation on board?

The Dover – Calais crossing time is only 90 minutes so we do not have cabins on board these ships.  

What is an abnormal load?

Any vehicle that is longer than 22m, or wider than 2.5m, or heavier than 44 tons is considered an abnormal vehicle.

How do I book an abnormal load?

To book an abnormal load, you need to speak to the relevant Freight office. Have a look at our Dover or Calais Port Office contact details on our contact us page. Please make contact well in advance as there is paperwork involved that must be submitted at least 24 hours before travel.

What are dangerous goods?

There are so many different varieties of dangerous goods when it comes to shipping by sea, we cannot list them here. Please contact us to find out more.

How do I make a booking for dangerous goods?

There are many variations of dangerous goods, please contact us for guidance and validation of shipments.

Can we ship livestock on your vessels?

Yes, we do allow you to carry live animals, but there are rules and procedures to follow. Please contact us for guidance on how to go about shipping your animals.

Are there any passport requirements and statutory checks?

A valid passport is required for travel and must be presented at check in. When travelling from Calais to Dover there are a number of statutory checks which need to be undertaken, before and after check in

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