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Booking flow consists of 5 steps:

  • Route selection/li>
  • Goods type
  • Vehicle type
  • Passenger details
  • Confirmation & payment

Once you have paid for the booking you will receive a waybill number. Using your waybill number - you can go to the port anytime during the booking validity period - and check in.

Mon - Fri: 8.00am – 5.00pm UK time

Mon - Fri: 8.00am – 5.00pm UK time

+44 (0)1304 863875



Freight Charge:
The price for the freight vehicle.

Bunker Adjustment Fuel/Fuel surcharge. Reviewed every month against the cost of low sulphur fuel.

2 passenger is already included in the price.

Passenger Charges:
£19 and €25 per person.

Calais Dover Europoort Zeebrugge Hull Tilbury Teesport Larne Dublin Cairnryan Liverpool

RouteDover - Calais

With up to 70 departures a day, our Dover to Calais freight route is the most flexible and convenient way to cross the Channel between England and France. Get the latest times and sailings from our Dover-Calais sailing schedule and book your next freight ferry with P&O.

Crossing Time
ROPAX:90 min
ROPAX:up to 70 Sailings/Day



Driver Accompanied Non-Dangerous Units:
30 Minutes Before Sailing (Mon-Sun)

All Dangerous Units:
60 Minutes Before Sailing (Mon-Sun)
(Not Applicable on DFDS Space Charter)

Port Opening Hours:
24 Hours

Lifting Facilities:

Rail Connections:

Plug-in Facilities Provided


00:10 DFDS**   12:55 DFDS**
01:40 DFDS**   13:45 P&O (SB)

P&O (SF)
Mon - Sat

  14:25 DFDS**
03:10 P&O (SB)
  15:25 P&O (SF)


  15:55 DFDS**

P&O (PI)
Tue - Sat

P&O (PI) 
07:40 DFDS**   18:10 DFDS**
08:25 P&O (SB)   19:05 P&O (SB)
Tue - Sun
09:10 DFDS**   19:40 DFDS**

P&O (SF)

  20:45 P&O (SF)
10:40 DFDS**   21:10 DFDS**
12:05 P&O (PI)   22:40 P&O (PI)

P&O Sailings Mon - Sun, unless otherwise stated.

PI Pioneer
SF Spirit of France
SB Spirit of Britain

* All times are local. Schedule and vessels are subject to change.
To view the real-time sailing schedule for each day, please check our Live Schedule on our Sailing Schedule page.

**Please note restrictions apply on DFDS sailings (Space Charter Agreement).

DFDS Sailings - Restricted Shipments:
- Livestock
- Hazardous
- Out of Gauge (Wide Loads etc.)
- Plug-Ins
- Hanging Meat

Unit Types

Unit types with a tick can travel on the Dover-Calais ferry freight route.
If you have or carry an abnormal load, dangerous goods, bloodstock, livestock or pets please contact us.

Vehicle Trailer
  • TRLTrailer
  • FLTFlat
Vehicle Truck
  • SDVDriver Accompanied Units
  • UNNSDVUnaccompanied SDV
Vehicle Van
  • SFVVan/Small Freight Vehicle
  • TRATractor Unit Only
Vehicle Swap Body
  • CNTContainer
  • S/BSwap Body
Vehicle Tanker
  • L/TLift Tank
Vehicle Others
  • EXUImport/Export Unit
  • EXMFarm Machinery
  • CVNCaravan
  • MISCMiscellaneous

The return of duty free in our World Duty Free stores means you could be saving up to 50% on a huge range of products from your favourite brands on our Dover to Calais ferry crossing. As well as this amazing offer, freight customer enjoy an additional 10% OFF on some products!



We’re committed to giving our drivers an unbeatable on board experience. That’s why we offer a range of comforts that make your crossing as relaxing as possible. On our Dover - Calais freight route we have a dedicated freight area called Routemasters where drivers get meals at discounted rates and space to unwind and take their legal breaks.  Don't forget to try our brand-new commercial driver's lounges on our new ship, P&O Pioneer, which is now sailing on the Dover to Calais ferry route!

iconWiFi  Wi-Fi
  Food Available
at Discounted Prices 

Exchange Rate

As a driver, you can take advantage of special commercial rates at our foreign-exchange points. We offer some of the most competitive rates around. Get great rates on our freight crossing to France onboard and travel stress-free.


Want to change more than £2,000?
We’ll need to know in advance – and we may be able to offer you even better rates.
Please call us on +44(0)1304 44 88 88.

These are our latest rates (last update: 15 March 2022, 10:00).

  We sell We buy
EUR  1.1486  1.3262
PLN  5.3534  6.3344
CZK  28.2202  33.2175
HUF  424.5696  499.7538
RON  5.6256  6.6218

Other currencies are available to exchange and buy just visit our bureau on board.


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P&O Ferries Ltd
East Camber Building
Eastern Docks
Dover, Kent
CT16 1JA

Telephone +44 (0)1304 862539

Email freightops.dover@poferries.com


P&O Ferries Ltd
Freight Office
Terminal Car Ferry
BP 421
6226 Calais Cedex, France

Telephone +33 (0)321 461020

Email freightops.calais@poferries.com


What Plug-In availability do you have on board your Dover - Calais ships?

We have different plug-in availability per ship. For more information please click here.

I do not have a ticket or account with you. Can I still ship?

Yes – whether you are a new customer, an infrequent customer, or just making a one-off shipment, we will happily get you there. Contact us or log on to pofreight.com to find out more about using our App or website for one-off bookings.

What do I need to do if I’m travelling with abnormal (out of gauge) load on Dover – Calais route?

First, please make a booking via our freight offices in Dover or Calais, then download the Abnormal Load (Out of Gauge) form, fill it out and email it to freightops.dover@poferries.com (for shipments from Dover) or freightops.calais@poferries.com (for shipments from Calais). You need to allow 24 hours for the form to be processed, so please ensure you have sent the form to us well in advance to avoid disappointment.

The form is valid for Dover to Calais and Calais to Dover out of gauge shipments only.

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Our current surcharge per unit:

0 - 8 metres



>8 metres



See BAF Charges

Our Fleet

The Pride of Kent and Pride of Canterbury are sister freight ships that were first introduced in 1991 as the European Highway and European Pathway respectively, to travel between Dover and Zeebrugge. They joined our Dover to Calais ferry route in 2003 following a renovation that expanded their capacity and improved their on-board facilities. Both ships can have capacity for 115 freight units.

In 2011 we introduced two new sister freight ships to our Dover to Calais Channel route - Spirit of Britain and Spirit of France. They both can take double the capacity, compared to previous ropax ships and can travel with a speed as high as 22 knots. Their length is 213 metres and can carry up to 180 freight units on our cross-channel freight ferry route.

This year, the world's largest double-ended ferry, P&O Pioneer, joined P&O Ferries' fleet, making her inaugural cross-channel sailing on the Dover-Calais route in June. As the first of two Fusion-class vessels arriving in 2023, P&O Pioneer delivers on a commitment to eco-friendly freight practices with reduced carbon emissions. With an impressive 2,800 lane metres capacity, P&O Pioneer and her sister-ship P&O Liberté can accommodate more freight than ever, even during peak tourist times on the Dover to Calais ferry route.

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