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Booking flow consists of 5 steps:

  • Route selection/li>
  • Goods type
  • Vehicle type
  • Passenger details
  • Confirmation & payment

Once you have paid for the booking you will receive a waybill number. Using your waybill number - you can go to the port anytime during the booking validity period - and check in.

Mon - Fri: 8.00am – 5.00pm UK time

Mon - Fri: 8.00am – 5.00pm UK time

+44 (0)1304 863875



Freight Charge:
The price for the freight vehicle.

Bunker Adjustment Fuel/Fuel surcharge. Reviewed every month against the cost of low sulphur fuel.

2 passenger is already included in the price.

Passenger Charges:
£19 and €25 per person.



Find out more about our new development on our Pay & Go booking platform for Calais - Dover

Phone and desktop imageP&O Ferries’ freight crossings have continued to run throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, ensuring that essential goods could move between the UK, Ireland, and mainland Europe. The safety of both passengers and crew has been at the forefront of all P&O’s services, with extra cleaning procedures, social distancing measures, and other vital precautions in place at all times. In addition to these processes, P&O Ferries’ new digital tool for their freight app and website enables van drivers to book their Calais to Dover crossings online with a debit or credit card, without being charged VAT. This will avoid cash handling at check-in which will limit the contact that they have with others at the port and keeping them extra safe. 

Through the app, non-credit account holders can both book their crossings and check the P&O sailing schedules with just a few taps, meaning that they can seamlessly plan their journeys, en route 24/7. No VAT will be added onto the bookings of those with a valid EU VAT number. All customers have to do is create an account (or log-in if they already have a Pay & Go account), click on the ‘Profile’ tab, enter their VAT number, and save in order to make VAT-free bookings.

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