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Booking flow consists of 5 steps:

  • Route selection/li>
  • Goods type
  • Vehicle type
  • Passenger details
  • Confirmation & payment

Once you have paid for the booking you will receive a waybill number. Using your waybill number - you can go to the port anytime during the booking validity period - and check in.

Mon - Fri: 8.00am – 5.00pm UK time

Mon - Fri: 8.00am – 5.00pm UK time

+44 (0)1304 863875



Freight Charge:
The price for the freight vehicle.

Bunker Adjustment Fuel/Fuel surcharge. Reviewed every month against the cost of low sulphur fuel.

2 passenger is already included in the price.

Passenger Charges:
£19 and €25 per person.


Brexit Terms Glossary

Don’t let all of the new Brexit customs terms and acronyms confuse you – use our Brexit glossary below and our smart search function to demystify all of the terms.

Audit File

A file, produced on a regular basis (monthly for Dutch) containing details of all units that have entered and departed the terminal and any moves/checks/services that have happened in between.


Border Exit and Entry Service which has two options - Manage and Communicate - a digital Brexit solution provided by a firm called CNS.


Border inspection point. European Union (EU) approved entry points for products of animal origin, originating in countries outside the EU. Such products must undergo certain veterinary checks.

Carnet (ATA or TIR)

The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that permits the tax-free and duty-free temporary export and import of nonperishable goods for up to one year.

A TIR carnet is a document issued by national road transport associations of the TIR Convention member states.Under the TIR procedure, goods transported between member countries by authorized TIR carnet holders are not subject to customs control at intermediate borders and can travel directly from point A to point B, provided all the seals are intact and the documents are accepted.

CDS (Customs Declaration Service)

The Customs Declaration Service is a UK customs declaration platform that is being introduced gradually alongside the existing system - the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) service. When the Northern Ireland Protocol comes into effect on 1 January 2021, CDS will be used for declarations on goods movements to or from Northern Ireland, including goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. All other declarations can continue to be made on CHIEF.


CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) is a UK customs platform that currently processes declarations to facilitate the international movement of goods between the UK and non-EU countries.

Community Service Provider (CSP)

CSPs or Port Community Systems (PCS) provide community network services to port communities of which Customs and Border Force form a part, along with Other Government Agencies and commercial logistics entities such freight forwarders, shipping lines, temporary storage facility operators and haulage companies.


A Customs declaration is a form that lists the details of goods that are being imported or exported when they enter a customs territory (country's borders).

Delta G

Delta-G is the French Customs administration system for import and export clearance.

Delta T

Delta-T is the French Customs administration system for Transit movements.


Destin8 is a Port Community System that enables all sections of the Maritime Industry to facilitate the movement of cargo through a Destin8 enabled port.


Declaration Unique Consignment Reference


Export Accompanying Document

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Linkage between customer’s and P&O Ferries systems to provide automated booking and data exchange.


Entry summary notification, mandatory when entering the first EU country.

Envelope Logistique Service

If drivers have multiple MRNs these must be grouped together using the Envelope Logistique service. This means they will then have one master MRN which will speed up the check in process. Export out of UK to France/ EU.


EORI stands for “Economic Operators Registration and Identification number”. Businesses wishing to trade use the EORI number as an identification number in all customs procedures.


Exit summary notification, mandatory when leaving EU

FBO (Freight Booking Office)

The P&O Ferries team supporting the movement of freight

Freight Portal

P&O Ferries new website portal for freight and passengers to be used after Brexit has occurred to guide customers through the new requirements.

GVMS (Goods & Vehicle Movement System)

The Goods Vehicle Movement Service is a UK government border control information technology system for coordinating the movement of vehicles. It is part of the government's measures for dealing with post-Brexit trade.

GMR (Goods Movement Reference)

Reference number ID created by the Goods & Vehicle Movement System

(ICS) Import Control System

The Import Control System (ICS) handles the electronic communication of the ENTRY SUMMARY DECLARATION, known as ENS. The system then issues an MRN.


System for the import of live animals, animal products and high risk food and feed not of animal origin into Great Britain.

Irish Revenue System

The revenue service for the Republic of Ireland

(MRN) Movement Reference Number

Transit Movement Reference Number for identification of cargo in shipment


Master Unique Consignment Reference – to identify a consignment to a means of transport


The New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) is a system of electronic declaration and processing that traders must use to submit Union Transit (UT) and Transports Internationaux Routiers (TIR) declarations electronically.

Operational Data Store

Database used for storing all operational, booking, supplementary and safety & security information.


Pre Boarding Notification

PCS (Port Community System)

A PCS is an electronic platform that connects the multiple systems operated by a variety of organisations that make up a seaport or airport community.


Portbase is the neutral and reliable hub for all logistics information in the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

RX Seaport

RX/SeaPort is the digital connection of all actors in the in the logistics chain in Zeebrugge.

Safety & Security Information (ENS)

The ENS message must be submitted 2 hours before arrival at the named border.

SI Brexit

The Brexit SI Tracker follows and explains legislative changes after the UK's exit from the EU. It has links to published SIs and in-depth information.


A border inspection service for importation of animal products, live animals, animal feed and plants.

SPS Certificate

Sanitary and Phytosanitary including vet certificates

Supplementary Information

Additional booking information required beyond EU exit. This could be consignment level information or the addition of a GMR for example.

Temporary Storage Area (RTO)

Temporary storage premises offer the possibility of storing goods that enter the customs territory of the EU awaiting further customs-approved use or treatment.


TRACES is the EU’s online platform for sanitary and phytosanitary certification required for the importation of animals, animal products, food and feed of non-animal origin and plants into the EU.

TAD (Transit Accompanying Document)

Goods moving under transit must be accompanied by a Transit Accompanying Document (TAD).


Abbreviation for the port of Troon, UK


Abbreviation for the port of Vernon, France

Trader Support Service (TSS)

If moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland the Trader Support Service will explain any changes due to the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.


Sailing booking reference number

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