Brexit FAQs

Below you'll find the answers of the questions we get asked the most about Brexit. If you can't find the answers you're looking for please email us on brexit@poferries.com. When contacting us, please tell us which route(s) your question is regarding and be as specific as possible as this will help us to provide a response as quickly as possible.

How do I book now for journeys after 31 December 2020?

Please follow the route by route guide on our Brexit page.

Will I be able to continue to ship on your Dover to Calais route using my approved authorised list?

Yes, authorised lists will be able to continue beyond January and we are building features to accommodate this so that customers do not need to enter specifics of the sailing they are travelling upon within the Goods Movement Record.

Which systems do I need to register with?

This will vary per route. Please follow the route by route guide on our Brexit page.

What systems will be integrated to support the new UK border control requirements? When will the new systems be ready?

The UK is operating two import/export models: pre-lodgement and temporary storage.

For pre-lodgement, P&O systems will be integrated with the Good Vehicle Movement System. This is will come into effect over a transition period between 1 January 2021 and 1 July 2021. For details see here.

For temporary storage routes, P&O systems will be integrated with the Destin8 port community system from 1 January 2021 which will facilitate the import and export flows at these ports. For further details please see here.

Are you using pre-lodgement or temporary storage procedures in your UK ports?

We are developing our systems to use the traditional Temporary Storage model in Hull, Tilbury and Teesport. On our other routes, using Dover, Dublin, Liverpool, Larne and Cairnryan, we will use the pre-lodgement model.

When will your P&O customs portal go live?

Our Customs Portal is now live for you to add your supplementary information - P&O Ferries Freight Portal. If you have not received your log in credentials, please provide first name, last name, a unique email address, company (account) name and the account number/s used to make your bookings to FreightSupport@POferries.com.

What data do you require from me to make a booking?

Please follow the route by route guide on our Brexit page.

For movements after midnight on 31 December 2020 you will be required to provide supplementary information via our P&O Ferries Freight Portal.

What declarations need to be made for empty units?

Please follow the route by route guide on our Brexit page.

Will there be a single Safety and Security Declaration for each individual consignment in a unit?

Yes. The Safety & Security Declaration (ENS) is linked to the individual consignment.

What are the codes of customs offices in your ports?

Calais - FR620001
Dover - GB000060

Zeebrugge - BE343000
Europoort - NL000396 (for Transit use NL000510)

Tilbury - GB000093
Hull - GB000072
Teesport - GB000219

Liverpool - GB000080
Cairnryan - GB000067
Larne - XI005220
Dublin - IEDUB100

What are your vessel (IMO) numbers for each route?

Dover - Calais
Pride of Kent – 9015266
Pride of Canterbury – 9007295
Spirit of Britain - 9524231
Spirit of France – 9533816

Hull - Zeebrugge
Elisabeth - 9219862

Hull - Europoort
Pride of Rotterdam - 9208617
Pride of Hull - 9208629

Teesport - Zeebrugge
Norstream - 9186194

Teesport - Europoort
Wilhelmine - 9539080
Estraden - 9181077

Tilbury - Zeebrugge
Bore Song - 9443566
Norsky - 9186182

Liverpool - Dublin
Forecaster - 9214678
Pennant - 9372688
Norbank - 9056583
Norbay - 9056595

Cairnryan - Larne
European Highlander - 9244116
European Causeway - 9208394

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