Larne - Cairnryan

At the end of the transition period, Northern Ireland Protocol (‘the Protocol’) will take effect.

Moving goods from Northern Ireland to Great Britain should take place as it does now. There will be a very limited range of exceptions to this unfettered access policy. These will apply only in specific instances where goods movements require bespoke processes - such as to take account of binding international obligations, for example the movement of endangered species. In these cases, the relevant trade for which the procedures apply is extremely limited. 

For goods requiring declarations or moving under special procedures such as transit, customers should submit appropriate declarations and populate their GMR with the resulting reference numbers. More information here.

Where a GMR is required, P&O Ferries customers will be supported through this process through the use of a new online purpose-built digital solution.

CNS BEEMS COMMUNICATE will be mandated for those exceptions described above on this route from 1 January 2021. It will ensure the entire process is simple and efficient for all our customers and will minimise any delays at the check-in and exit.

The Communicate solution will automatically link you and your driver to the new government-required Goods Movement Record (GMR) and will send your driver:

  • The unique Goods Movement Record 
  • A notification to proceed to check-in
  • A notification to advise if an inspection is required or not before they embark.

The upgraded version of CNS BEEMS called ‘MANAGE’ allows you to create your GMR in the tool without using the government’s GVMS. This upgrade will be free to all P&O Ferries customers in Q1 2021. 

Initial Steps

  • Register for an EORI number - here
  • Decide who will handle customs declarations or hire someone to do it - here
  • Register for CNS BEEMS
  • Depending on the type of goods you may need to submit additional information about your booking, consignment and goods.
  • You or your delegate must pre-lodge declarations for goods requiring these or moving under special procedures such as transit. (Customers should populate their GMR with the resulting reference numbers, this can be done through BEEMS MANAGE).
  • If your vehicle contains high-risk animal or plant products, you should ensure that the driver has the necessary health certificate(s). From 1 April 2021, any animal or plant products must have the necessary health certificate(s). 

Before arrival at Larne

Exports from Northern Ireland to Great Britain receive export clearance in Northern Ireland for goods requiring declarations or moving under special procedures such as transit and must be pre-declared for importation into the UK with a GMR (Goods Movement Reference). 

Goods moving under the transit procedure must be accompanied by a Transit Accompanying Document (TAD), which can be printed out at the customs office of departure or any printer that can accommodate barcodes. The Transit declaration should be digitally placed within the GMR on the Goods and Vehicle Movement System (GVMS). 

Drivers must have all the relevant documentation before reaching the port or their goods will not be able to enter the terminal. P&O Ferries will not be able to process emails containing customs information at check-in.

At check-in in Larne

Drivers of all loaded trailers with goods requiring declarations or moving under special procedures such as transit must present GMR to our check-in staff on arrival. 

Drivers of empty trailers should complete our standard check-in process including border exit checks and move to the loading lanes in preparation to board the vessel (accompanied) or take the trailer where instructed within the yard (unaccompanied).

P&O Ferries will validate the GMR in GVMS, confirming checked in crossing details and Vehicle/Trailer Registration Numbers (VRN/TRNs) match the details included in GMR.

During Crossing

Drivers and Hauliers will be sent a notification by BEEMS (via SMS and Email) about their Goods customs status. This will indicate if Goods require an inspection at arrival.

On Arrival in Cairnryan

If the driver has been notified an inspection is required the driver should follow signage to the inspection facilities, which may be performed in-land.

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