Liverpool - Dublin

Whether you book through EDI, our website or our Freight Booking Office (FBO), the objective is to get the necessary documentation and information onto our system, which will then be passed onto the correct authorities for you.

Once you have made your booking please add your declarations and Pre Boarding Notifications (PBN) to our Freight Portal.

A full step by step walkthrough of this process is below.

Initial Steps

  1. Register for an EORI number
  2. If you are moving goods into or out of the UK, you will need a UK EORI number – if you do not already have one, you can apply here. If your business is also responsible for completing the import declaration when the goods are imported into the EU, you will also need an EU EORI number which you can obtain from the customs authority in the EU country where you submit your first customs declaration.

  3. Responsibility for the import and export declarations
  4. Determine whether you will submit import and/or export declarations to each customs authority yourself or whether you will use a forwarder or customs agent for this. You must decide with your supply-chain partners as to who is responsible for the relevant declaration documentation.

  5. Make your booking with P&O Ferries
  6. Make your initial booking in the same way you always have. Depending on the type of goods you may need to submit additional information about your booking, consignment and goods.

  7. Pre-lodge declarations
  8. Pre-lodge an export declaration with HMRC and an import declaration with Irish Revenue Services, as well as the necessary safety and security declarations. If you are transporting an empty unit, then for the Irish import, this can be declared at check-in, there is no requirement for a formal declaration into the Irish Revenue Services systems to be made, but a PBN must be obtained. For multiple consignments in a single load, IRS require you to create an envelope of declarations (‘PBN).

Before arrival at Liverpool

Exports from the UK to Ireland must receive export clearance in the UK and must be pre-declared for importation into Ireland with a PBN (Pre Boarding Notification) reference, issued by Irish Revenue Services.

The PBN can be provided in advance through EDI or via the Freight portal. This will be stored against the booking and validated against the IRS system upon arrival at Liverpool check in.

To add or change Multiple Load Lines (MLL) to a booking this can be done using the latest version (v37) of EDI or through the P&O Ferries Freight Portal. Please note that the weight in the initial booking must be the same as the cumulative weight of multiple load lines and all hazardous goods must still be booked through the relevant Freight Booking Office (FBO).

At check-in in Liverpool

Drivers of empty trailers should complete our standard check-in process including border exit checks and move to the loading lanes in preparation to board the vessel (accompanied) or take the trailer where instructed within the yard (unaccompanied).

Drivers of all trailers must present the correct PBN to our check-in staff on arrival.

Arrival in Dublin

Drivers should follow the appropriate signs on disembarkation.

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