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Booking flow consists of 5 steps:

  • Route selection/li>
  • Goods type
  • Vehicle type
  • Passenger details
  • Confirmation & payment

Once you have paid for the booking you will receive a waybill number. Using your waybill number - you can go to the port anytime during the booking validity period - and check in.

Mon - Fri: 8.00am – 5.00pm UK time

Mon - Fri: 8.00am – 5.00pm UK time

+44 (0)1304 863875



Freight Charge:
The price for the freight vehicle.

Bunker Adjustment Fuel/Fuel surcharge. Reviewed every month against the cost of low sulphur fuel.

2 passenger is already included in the price.

Passenger Charges:
£19 and €25 per person.


Introducing the P&O Freight Travel Wallet

We’ve developed a digital Travel Wallet to help prevent disruption & paperwork overload when you check in.

Importing goods between the UK & EU?

From 1 Jan 2022, customs clearance requires a little more time and attention – but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer mountains of paperwork and long hours waiting at check-in.

You see, at P&O Freight, we’ve developed a digital Travel Wallet to help prevent disruption & paperwork overload when you check in. It allows you to store all reference codes, so you can send secure barcodes to your drivers when they need them. When they reach the border, they can simply scan & go.

Another benefit of the Travel Wallet is how easy it is to send post-embarkation customs messages. All of these messages can be sent to an email or phone number of your choice. The same person who receives the barcode can also get the customs messages. This can be up to a maximum of 5 contacts.

Not only that, but Travel Wallet guides you through which documents to submit, based on the exact route and cargo you’re carrying.

Great, so a logistics envelope… but more useful? That’s right, we will show you the exact documentation you’ll need according to the new Brexit customs requirements – from your Transit Accompanying Documents (TAD) to your GMR IDs (UK Goods Movement Reference).

Oh, and the best bit?

The P&O Freight Travel Wallet is free to use, so you can meet the new Brexit requirements & transport your goods at no extra cost to you. Keep the admin to a minimum when you use your Travel Wallet and we’ll get you across the border smoothly, ‘no matter the changing tides’.

Which routes is Travel Wallet available for?

Travel Wallet is available for both directions on the Dover / Calais route.

Can Travel Wallet generate reference codes?

You can also use Travel Wallet to get your UK Goods Movement Reference IDs (GMRs) and Safety & Security declarations for GB and FR. Your customs declarations can be seamlessly created from within the Travel Wallet through BEEMS (Border Entry and Exit Movement Service), our integrated customs document service , okay.

These services are chargeable and you’ll need to create an account with CARGOES, which is the Digital Services area of our parent company, DP World.

Can I change or verify references on the Travel Wallet?

Yes, you can make amendments or approve all declaration references stored securely on your Travel Wallet.

How does Travel Wallet work?
  • To use Travel Wallet, simply activate from your booking and select your chosen route and cargo information.
  • We’ll show you all the import/export declarations you’ll need to smoothly import your goods across the border. Input your declaration reference numbers to generate one Master Barcode, which will link to all your documentation.
  • You can then share this barcode from your Travel Wallet to your drivers via email or SMS.
  • Use the integrated BEEMS service to seamlessly obtain your GMRs and Safety & Security declarations.
Can you use Travel Wallet for entering / exiting the UK & EU?

Whether you’re leaving or entering the UK, you can use Travel Wallet to store, change, or verify all the necessary customs documentation to transport goods across the border.


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We’re upfront about our costs. Please take a look at our latest bunker adjustment factor (BAF) surcharges.

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