Teesport - Zeebrugge

Initial Steps

Please continue to book with us as you do now. For shipments to Belgium you will need to tell us at the point of booking whether you:

  • are shipping an empty vehicle;
  • intend to make a full customs declaration; or
  • intend to ship goods under the Common Transit Convention.

For existing bookings, you must submit this information to us manually through our freight customs web portal.

P&O Ferries booking reference will allow you or your delegate to pre-lodge an export declaration with HMRC and an import declaration with Belgium customs, as well as the necessary safety and security declarations for both jurisdictions. For multiple consignments, this could mean several declarations per transporting unit.

We currently expect mandatory checks on all consignments of animal or plant products entering the EU. The driver must have the necessary health certificate(s) and appointments at the Border Inspection Post facility in Zeebrugge.

Exports from the UK to Belgium must receive export clearance in the UK and must be pre-declared for importation into Belgium via the RX Seaport system - www.rxseaport.eu. Please register with RX Seaport ahead of the end of the transition period.

Before arrival at Teesport

Please ensure that you pre-notify all customs documents via RX Seaport.

If the required information is submitted to RX Seaport, P&O Ferries will then automatically receive the relevant Movement Reference Numbers (MRNs), and other supporting documentation you the driver needs before they reach the port.

Belgian customs will require you to supply supplementary safety and security information after you have pre-lodged your customs declaration with them. To do this you must submit the information through the P&O freight customs web portal and ensure the driver has a copy of all required documents, including the MRNs before reaching the port.

If the required information has not been submitted to RX Seaport, P&O Ferries will not receive the MRNs and the vehicle will not be able to enter the terminal.

You can use the port community systems to check beforehand whether the terminal has received the relevant customs documents. Only cargo that has been digitally pre-notified can enter and leave the terminal.

At check-in in Teesport

Drivers of empty trailers should complete our standard check-in process including border exit checks and move to the loading lanes in preparation to board the vessel (accompanied) or take the trailer where instructed within the yard (unaccompanied).

Drivers of all loaded trailers must present the correct declaration MRNs to our check-in staff on arrival.

Drivers should inform check-in staff if their vehicle contains, animal products, fish or plant products.

On board our vessel

During transit, information from Belgian customs on any further checks that may be required before you can leave the terminal will be sent to RX Seaport. It is your responsibility to check the status in RX Seaport for unaccompanied freight and to ensure the driver is informed of the customs status for accompanied freight.

Arrival in Zeebrugge

If not cleared on arrival, accompanied and unaccompanied units will enter the local temporary storage process and be placed under a temporary custom hold. You will need to provide P&O Ferries with proof of the customs status of the consignments in the unit, typically with the import MRN which will make the unit eligible for release.

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