At P&O Freight, we want to keep you moving no matter what you’re shipping, or where you’re shipping it to. By offering a wide range of shipping services, we hope to cover the needs of all kinds of businesses, and can carry anything from dangerous goods and plug-ins to livestock and bloodstock on our range of routes. Our catalogue of services enables companies to keep their goods moving between the UK, Ireland, and mainland Europe, on a journey that runs smoothly and is hassle-free for freight drivers.

Abnormal Load

Abnormal Load

For Abnormal (out of gauge) shipments on our Dover - Calais route, please download this form, fill it out and email it back to freightops.dover@poferries.com (for shipments from Dover) or freightops.calais@poferries.com (for shipments from Calais) at least 24 hours before you travel.

The maximum widths that we can accept on our vessels are as follows:

Dover-Calais - 6.70m
 - 6.00m
Hull-Zeebrugge - 6.00m
Teesport-Zeebrugge - 6.00m
Teesport-Europoort - 6.00m

Tilbury-Zeebrugge - 6.00m
Cairnryan-Larne - 5.10m
Liverpool-Dublin - 5.20m

Loads wider than 2.5m incur additional charges. On our Irish Sea and North Sea routes, loads wider than 3m require special arrangement, and therefore need to be booked direct with the relevant freight office.

The maximum heights are as follows:

Dover-Calais - 4.80m
Hull-Rotterdam - 7.00m
Hull-Zeebrugge - 4.20m
Teesport-Rotterdam - 6.9m
Teesport-Zeebrugge - 7.00m
Tilbury-Zeebrugge - 6.00m
Cairnryan-Larne - 5.20m
Liverpool-Dublin - 6.80m

The maximum weights are as follows:

Dover-Calais - 44 ton (72 ton upon special arrangement)
Hull-Europoort - 170 ton
Hull-Zeebrugge - 170 ton
Teesport-Zeebrugge - 170 ton
Teesport-Europoort - 170 ton

Tilbury-Zeebrugge - 80 ton (150 ton upon special arrangement)
Cairnryan-Larne - 125 ton
Liverpool-Dublin - 160 ton

Loads heavier than 50 ton incur additional charges on our Irish Sea routes and loads in excess of 100 ton incur additional charges on all routes. On our Irish Sea, North Sea, and Tilbury routes, loads heavier than 50 ton require special arrangement, and therefore need to be booked direct with the relevant freight office.


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