At P&O Freight, we want to keep you moving no matter what you’re shipping, or where you’re shipping it to. By offering a wide range of shipping services, we hope to cover the needs of all kinds of businesses, and can carry anything from dangerous goods and plug-ins to livestock and bloodstock on our range of routes. Our catalogue of services enables companies to keep their goods moving between the UK, Ireland, and mainland Europe, on a journey that runs smoothly and is hassle-free for freight drivers.



The wellbeing of your horse is our priority when shipping bloodstock on all of our ferry routes, so please read our guidance about paperwork and regulations to ensure that we will be able to accept your horsebox on board.

When shipping horses on our routes the following rules apply:

We will only accept more than 6 horses in a vehicle if booked through a recognised Bloodstock agent, or if booked on a direct P&O Ferries account.

Horses travelling to France MUST be accompanied by either an Export Licence or an AHA certificate AND an equine passport.

Ponies must also be accompanied by a fitness to travel certificate or Health Certificate.

Horses and ponies travelling with a final destination to countries other than France MUST in addition be accompanied by a Health Certificate.

Horses or ponies travelling from France to the UK may travel on their equine passports only.

Horses or ponies starting their journey in any country other than France MUST be accompanied in addition by a Health Certificate.

Health Certificates are ONLY valid for 10 days from the date of vet’s signature (and can only be signed within 48 hrs of departure).

Horses and ponies may return to the originating country on the same health certificate providing it is within 10 days of the vet’s signature. (day 1 being the day it was signed)

The information detailed above is for guidance only – the responsibility lies with the owner or agent to comply with British and European statutory regulations.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

For arrival cut off times, please check with the relevant port before departure.


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