At P&O Freight, we want to keep you moving no matter what you’re shipping, or where you’re shipping it to. By offering a wide range of shipping services, we hope to cover the needs of all kinds of businesses, and can carry anything from dangerous goods and plug-ins to livestock and bloodstock on our range of routes. Our catalogue of services enables companies to keep their goods moving between the UK, Ireland, and mainland Europe, on a journey that runs smoothly and is hassle-free for freight drivers.



Ship your livestock safely across the Channel or Irish Sea (Larne - Cairnryan route) with P&O Freight. Animal welfare is always at the forefront of what we do, and we will only ship livestock that is being transported for breeding purposes in line with DEFRA requirements. In keeping with our animal welfare policy, we reserve the right to refuse any shipment of livestock if we deem the shipment to be in violation of animal rights.

We will not import/export any livestock intended for fattening or slaughter other than on our Larne/Cairnryan route where the livestock is to remain within the United Kingdom. If customers wish to ship cattle, pigs or sheep, they must book via the relevant national associations. These livestock must be transported according to Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) requirements and accompanied by the correct DEFRA documentation, clearly showing the animals are being shipped for breeding purposes. A surcharge is applied to livestock movements.

Please note that the term ‘livestock’ also includes any animal that is shipped in large quantity as a commodity; this may include llamas, rabbits etc. Should customers wish to ship any small livestock, they can book directly through us. We will also charge a 25% surcharge for carrying small livestock.

Customer have to contact the relevant national association for pricing details as follows:

National Beef Association
Tel: +44 1434 601005
National Beef Association Website

National Pig Association
: +44 2476 858780
National Pig Association Website

National Sheep Association
Tel: +44 1684 892661
National Sheep Association Website


We will not carry live chicks unless the shipper is endorsed by, or a direct member of, either the British Poultry Council (BPC), or European Live Poultry and Hatching Egg Association (ELPHA).

We will not carry game birds, or rescue animals under any circumstances.

Live animals will only be carried if Council Regulation (EC) No. 1/2005 on the Protection of Animals During Transport is strictly adhered to. We reserve the right to refuse any shipment that we deem to be in violation of any of the guidelines stated within these regulations.


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